Build the empire you were born to rule

What if you could take that small business idea that you’ve been toiling over…and turn it into a full-blown EMPIRE?

(After all, you don’t just want a REAL business…
You want an entirely new REALITY.)

The freedom of a travel writer,
the bank account of a big-deal broker,
and the lifestyle of a jet-setting mogul.

Sound about right?

Well, what if that was possible?

Wipe that skeptical look off your face, because I’m telling you IT IS.
I know because {I’ve done it} and so can you!

Before I kicked off my business consultancy that allows me to work and travel the world, I spent roughly 4 years working (too hard) to make my first biz (a skincare studio in Portland) work. I struggled, banged my head against the wall and sometimes even sat and meditated on my number one concern…

How in the heck could I create a
successful business?

I was so good at what I did, WHY WEREN’T the customers lining up around the block to work with me? It took years of research, trial & error, and failing before I figured out the not-so-secret, secrets to success.

I created Idea to Empire with the me of 5 years ago in mind (so that the YOU of today won’t struggle like I did)

Maybe you’ve been testing the waters with your new biz, told a few friends about your big plans, purchased a domain name (or several), and even started to build your website!

Maybe you’ve also been generating more ideas than clients, letting that to-do list get taller than the Empire State Building, and possibly even missed some incredible opportunities because you weren’t sure if you were “ready.”

Sound familiar?

But here’s the thing: there is no “ready!”

This course really covers everything you need to start marketing your business effectively and she covers everything, but it isn’t overwhelming because it is structured so well and you can work at your own pace!If you like structure, strategy and you want a fresh, comprehensive approach to marketing, this is THE getting started course for you! Anna Ost, Language Tutor


  • A profitable business that brings in the bank so you can quit that 9-5 already
  • Colossal confidence in your brand, website, and offerings so you can sell like a champion
  • Simplified systems so your business will practically run itself once you’re set up
  • Killer clientele that gets you pumped (and paid) day in and out

I mean, you aren’t lazy, stupid, or unskilled.

You’re just not as focused and active as you could be. You just need a small-biz best friend to kick your efforts into HIGH GEAR with the right information, support and strategy!


A 10 week signature program I created just for small business newbies like you.

If you’re ready to get out of your head and bring your little (okay, BIG) empire to life, this is the program for you. It was thoughtfully designed to provide fluff-free strategy and no-nonsense support so you can create a business that not only sustains you … but defines you.

It’s perfect for you if…

  • You’re a new biz owner who’s hungry for foundational tools for business (and life!)
  • You know your idea has serious potential but there are areas that need an upgrade
  • You’re ready to take action to build your new (or revived) business
  • You want to dig in and give your business a tune-up or makeover to maximize future success!
  • You could use some personalized support for your one-of-a-kind business

After all, the world needs what only you can provide.

So let’s design a “just-your-size” Empire that supports your life and dreams, shall we?

That’s where I come in

I’m Anna Long,

Anna_Retro-3-200x300an intuitive business strategist & founder of Electric Empire. I’ve helped over 60 small business owners build their ideas into full-blown empires – and now I’m going to help you.

In this 10 Module course, I will teach all you need to know to take your service-based business idea and turn it into an extremely profitable empire.

Curious about EXACTLY what’s covered in this All-Inclusive Course?

(Check out the details below!)

Defining or Refining Your Business Idea

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many businesses fail because they simply aren’t clear (uh, a lot!). Let’s define your idea and what you’re actually selling so you kick off (or re-launch) on the right foot.

Stand-out or Stand-down!

Why? Because if you can’t stand out in your market, then you will have no choice but to stand-down. You may have better skills, more integrity (and even a nicer ass!) than your competition, but if you can’t define what makes you uniquely awesome (and market it), than no one will know! And if they don’t know, they don’t buy.

Attracting the right business

Ok, I know that “Ideal Client” work can be eye-twitchingly painful. This is why I’ve developed ways for you to understand your customer (so you can target them) without all the boring “demographic” crap that big corporations do. Let’s do it!

Tell a story (that people actually want to read)

By and large, people don’t connect with businesses … they connect with other people. So being able to share your story (through the written word and copy) is invaluable to the growth of your business! We start by picking a few prominent stories, teasing out the themes, and figuring out what’s most valuable to reveal.

Service/Course/Product Development

We’ll dive right into your amazing services and content and find the best, most lucrative way for you to position and package them.

Pricing, Income Mapping, and The “Relationship Funnel.”

One of the biggest problems I see with clients is improper pricing and a lack of client relationship systems. If you’re struggling with knowing what to charge and how to attract buyers, you’re not alone. But, we are going to figure that all out together now! With my method, we’ll nail your prices, map out your income goals, and create a “relationship funnel” that makes getting paying clients as easy-as-pie.

Website Copy

What does website copy have to do with pricing and selling? Everything! If you can’t describe your services in way that connects and convinces your prospective clients, you are literally up a creek without a paddle. Without good copy you are relying on “luck” to turn website traffic into the wealth you want. And luck is not a business plan. You’ll get all the tips, tricks and templates you need to transform your written word into language that sells (with guest expert Jamie Jensen).

How to set up a Website for Success!

I will walk you through a series of videos that cover how to buy a domain, purchase hosting, set up a wordpress website, install a user-friendly theme, utilize SEO basics (with guest expert Alistair Gill) so that you can optimize your site to spend less time marketing and more time doing what you do best, and create free graphics that will save you loads of money on design work!

Marketing (online and offline)

Marketing can be painful, but only if you aren’t doing right. Whats right? Well that depends on your personality AND your business. In this module we will uncover your marketing blocks and how you can shift your mindset to see results. We will cover online marketing techniques, offline marketing techniques and we will dive into Social Media etiquette with Social Media expert Jackie Johnstone!

How to set up SYSTEMS (that save you time and money!)

Without systems, you cannot grow or scale your business. I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve used to create and sustain my business and give you solutions for any systems problem you’re experiencing. We will cover booking systems, payment systems, contracts, and email management.

How to Sell (Without feeling sleazy)

I’ll teach you how to make money without feeling like a used car salesman (there’s nothing sexy about that!). I breakdown what has worked for me, what hasn’t, and how to set up a relationship funnel that will have clients begging to work with you rather than running to your competitors and spending their money elsewhere.

Starring guest experts

In addition to all of this coursework, you’ll also get…

Active Assignments

And they’re mandatory. Because you won’t build a bustling business by sitting on your butt watching videos and reading PDFs! I will force you to get your hands dirty and make it happen each week!

Private Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, share your wins and brainstorm new ideas. In addition to getting help from fellow business owners, I hop in and provide support and feedback on a regular basis.

Unlimited Access to Course Material

All of the content is fully downloadable so you can save each module as you complete it and have it on hand forever! You will have unlimited access to this course content within the membership site for one year from purchase. If this course is ever upgraded or added to, you will have access to the new content too. That means, as I grow – so will you! Bonus!

And because I want to make sure that you get the REAL scoop on starting and running a successful business…you will have exclusive access to 6 Interviews with successful entrepreneurs in industries ranging from fitness to web design! Check out the details below:

  • Leah Kalamakis @ Freelance to Freedom Project
  • Heather Thorkelson @ The Republic of Freedom
  • Amy Scott @ Nomadtopioa
  • Farideh Ceasar @ Farideh Ceasar
  •  Heather Craig @ Booty Love
  • Rebecca Merifield @ The Marketing Movement

Feel the love!

Although I’ve been in business for while, I felt my biz had some cracks in the foundation. I wanted to fill those cracks and create a solid foundation to grow a thriving business and I had a feeling that Idea to Empire was the course I needed to take. If anyone who is starting their business asked if Idea to Empire was something they should take, I would say “YES!”. I’ve taken lots of courses over the years and I still learned tons in this course. It’s perfect for someone who is new to the online world or who needs to make a more solid foundation for their fairly new business.

Billie Gardner, Online Business Manager, Desire to Done

I loved the directness of the questions and the explorations we undertook as a result. Your examples contextualized everything and forced me to really drill down and get clear on what it was I wanted to say and how to express that to someone who is not me.

I feel so much closer than I did before working with you! This course made me face my own ideas, assumptions, desires, hopes, and really sit with them (while being gently prodded and/or guided by you). Your insight along the way was invaluable.

Shannon Carson, Threshold Healing Arts

There is so much information packed into the course and it’s a fantastic way to re-establish or re-enforce your foundation. I’m so much more confident about how to move forward! Kerryn Hewson, Positivity Coach, Color Your Life

If you’re ready for more clients, more focus and a long term strategy to slay some real business, you have to hire Anna Long.

Jamie Jensen, Your Hot Copy

While Idea to Empire is packed with everything any new business builder could EVER need, it’s not for YOU if…

  • You’ve done a ton of courses and you’re still not making progress on starting your biz
  • You know you want to start a business but don’t really have an idea yet of what it could be
  • You already think you know everything and have ALL the tools you need
  • You think $349 is too much to pay to get this level of support and quality of content

…then Idea to Empire is not for you.

If, however, you’re passionate, pumped and prepared to turn your exciting idea into a profitable business – like ASAP – and need this kind of expertise and support – please join us!

Your Investment to Build the Business of Your Dreams?

Only $349

I paid over $5000 simply learning all the content that I share in this course and I had to spend WAY more than 10 weeks learning it! Save yourself some time and save yourself some money.

(click the button below to purchase and get your login details!)

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How long will this course last?

Once you sign up you will get access to course content immediately (after you sign up with a individualized username and password).

How long each week will I need to set aside to complete the work?

The each module ranges from 15-90 minutes of audio/video and you will work through worksheets alongside the audio. Most people need an extra 3 hours each week to listen in and implement.

Will I get my hard-earned moolah out of this course?

I put about 5 years of business learning from my two successful businesses (and dozens of my clients’) into one course that strategically walks you through exactly what you need to start a successful business. I honestly don’t think you’ll find a better startup course ANYWHERE! Yes, I’m biased, but this course rocks!

Is this course for ‘BIG’ business?

No, this course is for people who are likely starting with just themselves and maybe a partner (mostly what we call solopreneurs).

Are there calls included?

This course used to be run on an on-going basis and have calls with it. At this point there are no calls included in this course.

Do you offer a refund?

If after 30 days, you are not satisfied, I will give you a 100% refund of your purchase price. The kicker? I want to see that you ACTUALLY did your homework for the first 4 modules. No one has ever requested a refund in the past, because this course is PACKED with amazing material, but I want YOU to be happy, so I will honor this refund.

Will you teach me about kickstarters and angel investors?

Nope, I’ll teach you how to turn your idea (likely a service-based business) into an entrepreneurial reality that will make you money and cost you very little (I started a business with very little cash and SO CAN YOU!

How long will I have access to the content and community for?

You will have forever access to the content because it is ALL downloadable. The content will remain as is for one year on the website. If we have to take anything down for updates you will get an email giving you at least a weeks notice to go in and take what you need!  You will have access to the Facebook Community for as long Facebook continues to operate the way it does.

A few more kind words from clients…

From the moment I began working with Anna my life and business changed. Her bounty of creative ideas, her honest, direct and kind feedback, her commitment to making your business the best truest reflection of you and your mission…it’s unparalleled. And most importantly, her unwavering belief in you and your abilities acts as the loving kick-in-the-ass you’ve been waiting for.

Sammy Zunnis, Sammy Zunnis Coaching

Anna got me unstuck…and fast. Within the first month, I had incredible clarity about my business. Within three months, I had a real business and I started gaining respect in my industry. At four months, I’m just shy of reaching that big income goal, and I have successfully quit my other job to work full time for myself. I know I couldn’t have gotten this far this fast on my own. I get compliments all the time about how clear and smart my business concept is, and I have Anna to thank for that.

Paige Wilhide, Paige Media

She helped me give up limiting beliefs about myself, recognize my unique business positioning in my community, and give me the words that would have taken me months to articulate! Thanks to our work together I quit doing things that didn’t serve me anymore, added a program built upon my strengths and financial goals, invited 5 women to participate in it (they ALL said YES!!) and I feel 100% confident talking about my business.

Kim Brandt, A Healing Place for Women

Anna gave me some new ideas for ways I can connect with my ideal client, improve how I present my work on my website, and increase my income. I can’t wait to implement everything! Talking with Anna made me feel like I’m not alone on this journey. I appreciate that she understands the challenges I’m dealing with (and offers ideas to help me get past them).

Amy Scott, Nomadtopia

Anna has a wealth of business experiences she brings to bare in each consult. In 1 session she was able to quickly understand my business and goals, recognize my hesitations and make concise suggestions for my direction and next steps. Anna also challenged and pushed me to think bigger and have more confidence in what I’m offering my clients. I sincerely appreciate her honest feedback and light, but straight forward approach. I’m busy pressing forward with my goals and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

April Thompson, Digital Stretegist, Absolute Travel Addict


Let’s build the empire you were born to rule!

Sign me up!
(One payment of $349)